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  • Tummy Calm

    Tummy Calm
    Tummy Calm

    Gas Relief

    R258.77 ( Excl. Tax )
  • Tummy Calm Double Discount

    Tummy Calm Double Discount
    Tummy Calm Double Discount

    Gas Relief

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  • Tummy Calm Triple Discount

    Tummy Calm Triple Discount
    Tummy Calm Triple Discount

    Gas Relief

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  • Tummy Calm Quad Discount

    Tummy Calm Quad Discount
    Tummy Calm Quad Discount

    Gas Relief

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What Parents Are Saying
  • Our 6 week old daughter suffered from colic since day 1. She screamed and screamed day and night and I would estimate that she got between 4 and 6 hours sleep every 24 hours. Her sleep would very seldom last longer than 2 hours whether day or night and most of the time she would only sleep a few minutes and wake up screaming in absolute agony with terrible stomach cramps and gas. We tried different gripe waters, colic remedies and other medications prescribed by doctors but it gave very little, if any, relief at all. By week 4, my wife and I felt as if we were losing our minds and we were not getting more than 3 hours sleep each night. My Mom came across the ‘Colic Calm’ website and encouraged me to buy this remedy. I was sceptical at first and didn’t want to waste any more money on yet another ineffective product, but when I went onto the site myself, I was drawn to experimenting with this product. Christie is 6 weeks old and I got our first bottle of ‘Colic Calm’ yesterday afternoon. She started screaming, clenching her fists and pulling her legs up to her stomach and we gave her a dose of ‘Colic Calm.’ Within an hour she was fast asleep… and she slept for 4 hours straight, and what’s more she wasn’t her usual restless self during her sleep – she slept in the same position for 4 hours! Then she slept another 3 hours after her feed and then another 3! She has never slept this well before and she was much calmer whenever she woke for a feed and fell asleep without too much of a problem. I am so grateful for this product and it is worth every cent I spent. She is turning into a calmer and happier baby. In fact, instead of screaming in our faces as always, she actually gave me her first real big smile during the night! I was overjoyed and still am. We are starting to really appreciate and enjoy her now. I would recommend this product to anyone with a colicky baby – it really does work!

    Shane Cape Town
  • Colic Calm is a Godsend! My son had a lot of wind – I’ve gone through lots of bottles and love Colic Calm. It helps him get the wind out and relax and get settled. I highly recommend Colic Calm to anyone. I’ve ordered on behalf of other people as well because it works and people always want more!

    Claire Claremont
  • My baby luckily does not have colic, but suffers from bouts of wind, gas and cramps. I find that Colic Calm really brings a lot of relief. He is 4 months now and I still give it to him. I tried skipping a day or 2 but then he became very restless and unhappy and I could see his stomach was uncomfortable. I will recommend Colic Calm anyday because natural is best!

    Marinda Vryheid
  • My son’s colic was confirmed at 3 weeks of age, it was a very difficult time for my husband and I, being new parents and our boy was also small at birth. He was extremely niggly and highly irritable. We tried every remedy, gripe water, you name it, but none of it provided any relief and my husband and I did not know what to do anymore. Out of pure desperation, I googled “colic in babies” and came up with your site. I started reading the testimonials and could relate to the parents and we was willing to try anything. I told my husband about the site and he immediately ordered it and since using it, our child has relief within 15-30 minutes. He also calmed down and slept soundly. Eventually at 4 months of age, he outgrew the colic and we kept it for the teething stage (which is here now) and when he does get too irritable and miserable, we give him the Colic Calm and he settles down and sleeps. We recommend it to every parent we meet and believe in this product, because we saw the results! Thank you so much for this amazing jewel!

    Twane Pretoria
  • A lady I know kept speaking about colic calm and that is was homeopathic and such fantastic stuff. I am not a homeopathic fan, but when my twin boys kept fussing I decided I would just about try anything and everything. So I gave colic calm a go. I thought it didn’t work until the day I stopped using it. Well then I knew that colic calm was for me. When the boys start fussing and I’m not sure why, I just give them the colic calm, normally a wind passes through both ends within 5 min and then they become normal happy babies. I am so impressed that it is homeopathic and that I am not dosing the twins with drugs. It really has been a miracle worker in our lives. Now we just need a colic calm for sleeping through the night.

    Robin J Port Elizabeth
  • I love this product. I used it when my son had colic and am going to give it a try for teething. I have recommended it to several of my friends. I tried lots of other remedies, but this is the one that really worked! Thanks.

    Stephanie H. Fallbrook, CA
  • Thanks to Colic Calm, my beautiful daughter hope can now rest her pretty little tears for something else now. My husband Stephen and I have tried Colic Calm and as other parents agree it works. Now my daughter doesn’t cry in pain and is a happy little baby... if you’re a new parent like us and your child doesn’t or won’t stop crying this is for you, I can feel your pain... thanks.Rachel O. Everett, WA
  • My baby is four months old now and for so long I was just consoling him whenever he got cranky with hugs, car rides, and baths or some massage but they were all so time consuming and taxing on me as a mother. I am glad I came across this website for Colic Calm and it has really worked well non my baby. I should have ordered it earlier. The Numi med dispenser is very useful and so is the medicine. I am really pleased with it as I can see my baby cry less and play more.

    Laxmi N.. Quincy, MAI
  • The use of Colic Calms website was easy. Their price was well worth the product. Although we never use the full dosage for our baby, only a partial dosage already relieves her of gas and stomach pains in minutes, allowing her to sleep hours uninterrupted.

    Bruno S. Matawan, NJ
  • I am happy to report that I believe this product has worked well for my baby girl. She is a very fussy baby and was diagnosed with colic at a month of age. She was on prescribed medication for a few months and then we weaned her off of it around four months of age. She did okay for awhile and then we began noticing fussy periods again as well as gas. We put her back in her medication and it did no good this time. We tried this product and saw immediate results. She does not mind the taste of this product either... where as her prescribed medication was very strong tasting. It seems to have helped her gas a great deal and we are very appreciative of this product. My sister's baby is due in July and I plan on getting her some colic calm for a gift... just for those fussy days when nothing can help alleviate the gas for her little one!

    Missy O. Wethersfield, CT
  • Just a note to say thank you for your wonderful product. I am Taylin's "Grammy Nanny" and am so happy that her little tummy is better now. Her awake time is now spent playing and learning instead of trying to calm her. Thank you again. Our family is a much happier place now that Taylin feels better!!!

    Kaird B. New York, NY
  • Excellent product; works like a dream. Great service and very prompt delivery. Have ordered and will continue to order ColicCalm. Thanks!

    Susan H. Alexander, AR
  • This product was shipped promptly and arrived very quickly. It also works very, very well. I would recommend it to anyone whose baby is having colic. Its’ a great help.

    Joy G. Littleton, CO
  • This product is wonderful. I was leary at first especially with finding it on-line. But my baby never stopped crying up until he was about 4 months old. Nothing worked the doctor even prescribed something that I stopped giving him. So I ordered Coliccalm what could I lose, plus it was incredibly cheap. I was surprised to receive it 2 days later!!!!!!!! I could not believe how well this product worked. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!

    Cheyenne Z. Clovis, NM
  • GREAT PRODUCT!!! Very fast shipping! Have ordered from twice and will continue to buy their product! It has been a lifesaver.

    Amy H. Chandler, AZ
  • WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL! I was somewhat apprehensive about ordering, but after hours of crying associated with colic I thought it is worth a try. Both my husband and I were amazed at how fast it calmed our colicky son and gave him INSTANT relief. He took 3 doses and hasn’t had any more colic episodes! I wished I would have tried it sooner. It would have saved many tears from both my son and myself! Colic Calm is truly God sent! I highly recommend it!

    Susan C. Winchester, KY
  • I have triplet girls: Rachel, Emmanuelle and Samara. They have had terrible gas since leaving the hospital. Nothing works as well for them as Colic Calm. Colic Calm works wonders, the only problem is that we go through a ton of it!

    LeeAnn P. Pittsburg, PA
  • My five-week-old granddaughter had terrible colic. We had tried gripe water from the health food store and different anti-gas drops, but her colic only got worse with each passing day. I went to the internet out of desperation. I found Colic Calm and read most of the customer comments. I could not believe that anything could worked that well. Although we had to try different doses at different times, we did finally find that a dose in between feedings worked best. She is now free of colic. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the second time I am ordering this product. It worked wonders! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    Angel R. Lake Jackson, TX
  • First, let me say how wonderful ColicCalm has been for our family. I tell people it’s like magic. We give it to our daughter Sydney when she’s screaming in agony with tummy pain and within about three minutes she’s peaceful again and able to go back to sleep. We can’t get over it. Wish we would’ve had it with our son. And we love that it’s all natural. Thank you so much from a grateful family.

    Crystal L. Valencia, CA
  • Easy to buy online. The shipment arrived faster than expected. Great response from customer service via email. I would recommend the product and the company to others.

    Stephanie M. York, SC
  • This product is WONDERFUL. Does exactly what it says it will! Worth the money for sure. Out of the 6-7 times I’ve used it, most of the time it will calm my baby and get him to stop crying within 3-5 minutes, and he will then fall asleep in the next 5 minutes! The couple times it didn’t make him fall asleep were when he had woken up crying and hysterical. In those instances, it didn’t cause him to go back asleep, but it definitely did calm him down and make it easier for me to deal with him. I HIGHLY recommend this product. After trying the one bottle, I immediately went back and ordered 3 more to make sure we always have some on hand (its good for teething and stomachaches in addition to colic!) It will be great for our toddler, too, if needed..

    Michelle L. Loveland, OH
  • Awesome product and best service I have ever had thanks..

    Karen B. Fremont, CA
  • Simple to order, received promptly, just as described! Product is working great for my son.

    Brian B. Broken Arrow, OK
*Although Colic Calm has brought relief to families worldwide, we cannot guarantee specific results and your results can vary.
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